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Automated Image & Restore (AIR) is an open source application that provides a front-end to dd/dcfldd. It supports MD5/SHAx hashes, SCSI tape drives, imaging over a TCP/IP network, splitting images, and detailed session logging. The CAINE interface implements a modified version of AIR to guarantee software integration and usability.

Screenshot-AIR 1.2.8b - Automated Image & Restore - 25-01-2008

The code of AIR has been modified to allow the user, every time the program starts, to keep or discards the log saved from the previous session.

Screenshot-Pulizia dei log


Guymager is a forensic imaging tool that handles standard raw (dd) files and Encase files. It uses a high speed multi-threaded engine and it has a user friendly graphical interface.


Terminal with log save.
During the forensic image collection, the investigator can use the CAINE graphical interface, but he can also perform a manual collection through the dd command activated in a terminal window. In this instance, CAINE offers the possibility to use a terminal window with automatic output saving, that is stored inside a temporary file, managed by the CAINE reporting tool.