5 days of 0.5

Orange Line @ eTech 2007 by eschipul (CC)

CAINE 0.5 iso has been downloaded 250 times in only 5 days, and the site has sustained a really huge amount of requests this week, with a peak never seen before!
Thank you for choosing us!

Jaime Andrés Restrepo, a Computer Security Researcher, has just translated the report template in Spanish, and we will include the new template in the future version of CAINE.
If you wish to participate by providing the translation of the report in your language or if you have found a translation mistake,
please contact the CAINE team.

I also suggest to take a look to our forum here, if you want to contribute or find some important informations and many guides provided directly by the users of CAINE.

A lot of digital security and computer forensics web sites are talking about our brand new version:,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,3643.msg16917/topicseen,1/